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  Ibis Retirement Planning uses advanced Monte Carlo simulations to show the benefits of using a Reverse Mortgage as a portfolio withdrawal supplement. "SAFEMAX" withdrawal rates can be increased from 3%-4% to 6%. Before test driving these tools, it is important that you download and read the Ibis 'white paper' that provides the background for these calculations, click >> JFP December 2013.
  • On your first use of the Ibis Simulators, click the "Populate Defaults" button, then scroll down and click the Red "Run" button. These default entries match those in the Ibis' 'white paper'.
  • Try the simplified version at Loan Officer Demo. This tool has many of the inputs hidden and set to the values used in the 'white paper'. This allows you to get a feel for how the planning software works and see results.
  • Then try the Financial Adviser Demo. This tool has many more input boxes including tax rates and Monte Carlo parameters. Again, on your first use, just click "Populate Defaults", scroll down and click "Run 2,000".
  • The chart in the middle of the Results page shows your chances of "Spending Success" over 40 years. Vertical lines highlight your retirement horizon and an intermediate year.

This Ibis tool can be quickly incorporated into Loan Origination software and Retirement Planning software. It is written using xml in-and-out. At the far bottom, right-hand side of the Results page is a small link named here. Click it and scroll down to see the many output values and arrays that you can build into your own Results page.

Ibis can give you a detailed walk-thru using GoToMeeting. Call for a demo

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