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Ibis RMO has built-in Interfaces to Document Providers

Ibis Software interfaces to doc providers such as Bay Docs, FAND and IDS. With a touch of the button, Ibis Software electronically sends necessary data to the document providers and assembles the document packages behind the scene while you continue to work. Document packages are neatly arranged in the document bin which you can visit at any time to view, print, or email them to clients, their children/advisors/attorneys, and/or settlement providers.

The first 20 pages or so of the doc packages are prepared by Ibis itself. The sets we receive back from the doc providers are appended to the Ibis package to create one large pdf file that you can save, print, or email to your clients, field people, and/or settlement agents.

Ibis RMO has four print packages as shown below. In your User Template you can select which pages to include in each. Ibis itself generates all of the pages except the two doc company rows.

  Quick Proposal Application Closing
  Quote Package Package Package
Contents Cover Letter P P P P
Summary Introduction Letter P P    
Loan Estimates (side-by-side) P P P  
Loan Amortization Schedule P P P P
Line-of-Credit Estimates   P    
Good Faith Estimate   P P  
TALC Disclosure Page   P P P
Fixed Rate Comparison (trade secret)   P


Reverse Mortgage Comparisons (AARP Specs)   P    
Understanding Comparisons (2 pages)   P    
1009 Application (4 pages)     P P
92900-A Addendum (2 pages)     P P
Doc Company State-specific App Documents     P  
92900-A Direct Endorsement (2 pages)       P
92800.5B Conditional Commitment (6 pages)       P
Principal Limit Lock Disclosure (HECM 3 pages)     P  
Principal Limit Lock Comparison (HECM)       P
Fixed-Rate APR TILA Disclosure (trade secret)     P P
HECM Print Screen (Lender use)       P
Doc Company Closing Documents       P
Comparing Refinance Costs & Benefits (HECM)   P P P
Refinance Disclosure (HECM)   P P P
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