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The Ibis Reverse Mortgage Originator (RMO) is designed for lenders -- you can originate loans using the traditional treasury-based HECM, LIBOR-based HECM, Fixed Rate HECM, and many proprietary jumbo loan products. You can quickly compare various types of loan products side-by-side with various margins, service fees and loan fees to offer a variety of options to your clients and win their business.

Ibis RMO matches the AARP's model specifications with robust loan analyses and comparisons. See the Ibis link in the 'Professional Commitment' section of Selecting a Lender.

Here are some of the things Ibis Software can do for you:

  • Produce Quick QuotesTM with side-by-side comparisons
  • Produce detailed proposal packages
  • Produce fully compliant lists of local HECM counselors
  • Produce state-specific application packages
  • Provide an easy-to-use framework for underwriting
  • Produce comprehensive closing packages
  • Provide an easy-to-use framework for managing clients
  • Produce pipeline reports to manage your business
  • Work with a full 'live pricing' module with rules you set
Ibis RMO is a Ready-Made Solution for Reverse Mortgages. You can show clients up to five loans side-by-side with full detail. Because many offer several combinations such as a HECM+300 with $30 service and a HECM+275 with $35 service, Ibis lets you include several versions of the same product.

  • Treasury HECM's 1 year CMT -- monthly or annual-adjusting (show up to five)
  • Treasury HECM's 1 month CMT -- monthly-adjusting only (show one or two)
  • LIBOR HECM's -- monthly or annual-adjusting (show up to five)
  • Fixed-rate HECM's (with entry boxes for loan margin or for total rate)
  • Fixed-rate HECM's (no entry boxes -- your admin can change the rate daily)
  • HECM Savers (same options as Standard HECM's above)
  • and choose from among 20 proprietary products (most now dormant!)

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